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Marvelous Mesh

Mesh has been with us for awhile now. When it was new, it had a hard time of it. Designers didn't know how to deal with it; not all that many folks flocked to the new mesh viewers. But now it is becoming part of our everyday world and it blends in nicely with older technology.

Trompe Loeil has lots of new releases for Stumblebum, with prices good until the end of the month. There are couches and chairs and bright outdoor garden sets. Not surprisingly, my favorites were the decor pieces. I took a photo of several of the new releases at my studio, but somehow while the picture showed everything, it left me in a ho-hum state. What's a gal to do?

Well install the pieces at home of course, something I had planned to do anyway *wink*. So here I am on my deck with my new very tasteful neighbor's property in the background. My mesh slacks are from JANE. I featured them before but like many of the blog posts I saw on these great slacks, I covered up the waistband. Bad, bad blogger. The waistband complete with belt loops and tons of details is definitely important.  I love these slacks and as well as the open-toed mules from lassitude & ennui.  Both are mesh.

These very nice lounge pillows (originally colored blue but I tinted to rust) are from the Regimade store on the Make Home Over Hunt. The chill pillows come with lots of animations. They are no copy sculpt pillows with shadow prims, so pick up what you need.

One of my favorite Trompe Loeil decor items is this fire pit. It is happily living on my deck that overlooks the bay. So very pretty, it gives a soft natural light at night and is only five prims.

That's a real plus when you are on a 117 prim budget!

Another winner is this amazingly detailed hanging lantern with candle.

At three prims, it is another bargain. The texture is rusty as befits my oceanside locale.

So this is my tribute to mesh -- this week anyway. When it works, it is truly marvelous.

Click the smaller photos for larger views. 


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