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Egg Scramble Hunt 2

I journeyed back to New Toulouse this afternoon, newbie real life girlfriend by my side on her own computer. We had a great time exploring the four sims of the Egg Scramble hunt. Most eggs are large, many are duplicated in neighboring sims. Some are copy and some no copy.

There are plenty of wonderful things to collect, mostly housewares. I didn't find them all, but here is a sampling. I will tell you that this rustic summerhouse is found in the Bayou in my former neighbor's yard. Other are scattered throughout four sims mentioned in my original post.

My personal favorite find is this rustic Shaker kitchen table and plate cupboard (two separate eggs) from [noctis]. And as you can see there are plenty of decor items to be found.  So do a little strolling; you have through the weekend.


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