Psst! Don't Tell

Pssst! Don't tell, but there is newness in my inventory. First up this very dramatic catsuit from deviousMind called Absinthe. How low can a decollete be? Chandra it seems is testing the boundaries! There are of course many more accessories in the set including fairy wings, head ornaments and bodice frills.  A version without leggings is also a choice.

Dramatic garb calls for matching lighting and poses. If you love retro, then this (*chanimations chaise with gramophone and vinyl is meant for you. It comes with a built in pose menu as well as pose ball and single poses. And it looks really smashing as a decor piece. There are various versions with different prim counts. This is the deluxe (44 prim) model. And while this was a perfect color to coordinate with my Victorian walls, there are color change options via a menu. Wearable records are included.

Pose Fair 2012 is all the news of course. I am waiting for the hoards to die down a bit before journeying over, but I am sure there will be plenty to see and try. These two stands from Long Awkward Pose are part of Dove's pose fair releases. Random Set 1 and 2 have plenty of great stands that you might not be able to resist.

Poses by: LAP and chanimations