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Do You Remember - Mahalo

It has been a morning of nostalgia as I fearlessly delete items from my clothing folder. Lots of memories there. Some things I am keeping, mostly for the archives. If we toss all the oldies away our history goes with it. Many things no longer my style or simply past their prime are now in the aether.  Along the way I found one of the oldest items still in my inventory, the Mahalo bikini and board shorts set (May 7 2008) from Sn@tch.

Those of you with four years behind you may have been part of the hoards that sorted through wall vendors in search of group gifts each week. It was great fun and a big part of my personal wardrobe as a newbie and fledgling fashion blogger.

A surprise find as I  searched for some older hair to wear was the unknown reappearance of this Kristin - canapl hair from House of Heart, another fun wall hunt venue. This disappeared long ago. I searched and searched my inventory to no avail. I was even willing to buy a new copy but it was no longer available. And yet, here it is. The database gods are a fickle bunch. Sometimes they take; sometimes they give back.

Also in this shot is the great scuba mask and fins from Hopscotch as part of Project Squeegee. That was only a couple of years back, but it brought so much to the shot I fudged a bit. 

Pose by: Nigotine (NLA)


Ivey Deschanel said…
It's so awesome to see this pulled from the mothballs! LOL thanks so much for blogging <3

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