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So There's This Contest

Every once and awhile (not too often) someone posts a comment that gets my blood temp up.

So what's wrong with this phrase?
* The photo must be artistic (all photography blogger style will be removed and will not be part of the contest >:o  what we mean here is plain , magazine commercial photos,) ...

I'm not linking to the contest for obvious reasons, but you may have seen mention of it on the feeds.

The prizes are meager, but there are plenty of photographers that like to enter contests just for the fun. MANY of those are also bloggers. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for the prize givers to state what they DO want?  (300 dpi, 3000 x 2000 pixels landscape, full backgrounds)  or whatever than to add that phrase "all photography blogger style will be removed"?

Bloggers are most likely some of their best customers. Not good marketing in my book.

OK. Brief rant over. Off to the tub.


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