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Dramatic and Free

The Crazy Hair Hunt is on and while many of the very creative offerings are a bit too crazy for my personal tastes, this one from Omega Point works for me. Thanks to the bloggers who have taken the time to do the hunt and post all the photos.  You don't even have to hunt at Omega Point; the prize is right at the landing point next to the hunt sign. How nice.

While I wanted to take a photo at the main section of Omega Point (use the teleporter to reach the lower levels) the frames per second were running at 2.1 (oh my) and so while I did get a shot, it wasn't the one I wanted :D. So here you have me in minimalist mode. The hair and cape as well as a cage affair that I didn't love so much is all part of the prize. The top is from BlueBlood. The headdress actually comes in pieces so you can wear some and leave some off if you desire.

Behind the mask I am wearing a new group gift skin (fee) just out from AKERUKA italian Creations. This is a special and very dramatic makeup of Lisa. One skin tone is included. There is a special gift of Adrian for the guys. Find the group vendors near the new releases and pay a linden; the skins are yours. Last eve reportedly only group members could get into the sim. That may have changed now, but just in case, put your tag on first.

Poses by: aDORKable


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