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Sex Sells

There are a few reasons for this manly photo. One, I have finished Chav's inventory folder. His share of our conjoined inventory objects is down by a lot, but what he does have is very, very nice. (Chav is actually just me in guy form in case you have joined the story midstream.) While I was going through his clothing I found that he only had one pair of undies. Oh my! So I zipped over to the Vitamen store to see what the gift might be for the month.

Behold the Roku-Shaku Fundoshi_UmeSakari - Shu-Iro. If I have it correctly this is a sumo wrestler loin cloth thingie. While I was picking up the gift (TYVM) I noticed that the Lucky board was a "W". Wonder was on line and there were three minutes left. He made it and came away with a different color. There appear to be many colors available on the board (blue came up next)  and there were fellows waiting to slap and carry. This is the MARCH gift so get over there soon (or send your significant other). 

These are prim items with resizers. They seem to fit fairly easily although the notecard said that you may need to readjust your "package" size for perfection to rein.

My second reason was a mention from a now absent from SL real life friend who was wondering about those male parts *wink*.

And my THIRD reason is that my bare buttocks photo of the other eve got twice the views of a normal post -- well sex does sell they say.

Poses by: LAP and Diesel Works


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