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Play With Sway

Sway's has a new playground set out and you don't have to be a child avatar to enjoy it! 

Not only are the textures scrumptious, the poses and animations are just great.

-Swing comes with 2 poses and 1 animation - swing on/off by touch
-Slide with 3 poses and 1 animation
-Ladder with 4 poses for ladder and floor
-Floor with 4 poses for floor and net
-wooden Beam with 4 poses
-wooden Post with 4 poses

How can you not have fun here?  The sand circle is separate so you can place the set on your natural terrain if you choose. There are color change options also.

53 prims complete, 13 x 13 with sand or 6 x 9 without; see the demo here.

Special thanks to Xi for being such a doll. She is my newest "movie star". Her avatar and overall outfit are from DOLLCOCO.


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