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Gay Paris

I simply couldn't resist taking this photo. I love my antique blindfold and how often does a gal get to wear one? Well this gal anyway.  New hair is out at POMME D' AMOUR. Love, Selma is a cute retro updo bun with spitcurls!  I actually can remember making spitcurls, but I doubt that mine ever looked this good.

The French graphics are part of a big set for April's COLLABOR88Cheeky Pea's Millesime Baignoire Room is full of fun retro touches. Happily the couch and rug are tintable and I  played with the colors a bit to fit my mood. The default is a very light gray with brighter colored pillows. The little radio is just ONE prim, a decorating bargain. The couch comes complete with a variety of animations, some with magically appearing props.

With my informational notecard on these products missing, I decided I had better zip over to COLLAB88 and check my facts. Low and behold, there is a texture change menu with the rug. I also took the opportunity to shoot a quick photo of the complete set. The morning visit also let me know that these are MESH items.

My dress is one of the new hunt gifts from Purple Moon. Find it in the shop across from the main building.

Poses by: furniture and aDORKable


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