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I attempted the Fashion Frenzy Hunt last eve. Originally scheduled to open on the 19th, it is still in limbo with just the store names on the blog and some of listed vendors apparently no longer in the hunt.  I spent some time searching for store locations and visited a few. While trying to do the hunt is frustrating at this point, I did come away with a couple of great finds to share.

First off are some mesh eyes from Mayfly.  Loving my golden mesh eyes from the same shop, it was my choice of starting locations. The eyes come in four whiteness versions; I prefer the murky and slightly bloodshot ones; so realistic.  Some of the other stores I visited seemed to be no longer in the hunt. Signs were missing. After a bit more searching though, I found this very pretty skin at Shiva.

What to wear; what to wear. Finding an announcement for a store hunt at Paperdoll, I zipped over. While billed as a hunt, this is actually a give away!  Find four shopping bags and reap the rewards. This strapless sundress complete with buttons in the back is my favorite. Pink is the theme here with two other dresses and an undies set to be garnered.

That's the early morning wrap up. Have a great day. 

Poses by: aDORKable


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