Autumn Hunter - Prim Perfect Halloween

With close to a hundred hunts out there this month (no, I didn't actually count but with all the store and sim hunts I am betting we are close to that) there is no way to do them all.  I have been on the hunt for the hunts most of this month and I am happy to say I have a new one to report on -- the Prim Perfect Halloween Hunt

There are actually three parts to this adventure. I worked on part one, the more traditional hunt with ten haunted locales in the list. I found quite a few of the prizes and tokens, but two places were kill the zombies while you search and I am so not into that. And while I looked high and low at Bentham Forest I could only find the place where I suspect the prize "should" be, so perhaps it didn't make it out in time.

I came away with a lot of great gifts, plenty with the guys in mind. There is a very diverse assortment and many items will be hanging out in my inventory even though they may not be things I can photograph. One of the prettiest prizes is this beautifully made quiver basket filled with leaves and arrows from The Point of Derivation which is a spectacular sim (more on that soon). There is a bow too as well as a lovely fall garland to wear and a prize for petites.

The second part of the hunt involves heading over to Innsmouth to find another ten quest tokens. There are also other prizes that you can find by clicking on "gift" tabs in the Prim Perfect Magazine. I am evidently very dense as I read through the magazine twice and never spotted those gift tabs. It might be a browser thing? Don't know. If someone figures out the answer, please clue me in.

I had a GREAT time on my adventure and discovered a few new places where photo ops abound like here at Haunted Paths, absolutely chocked full of seasonal goodness at every turn. So get your hiking shoes on and explore some great spooky spots!

Pose by: BehaviorBody