MadPea: The Case of Praying Mary

I spent most of my day on the Praying Mary Hunt.   It is:


The HUD that you buy for $10 is very similar to the one used in the previous pirate hunt. The storyline is more complex however, the locales large (many full sims) but also great places to explore. I found a bunch of new shops and revisited a few from long ago; both enjoyable.

Mary of course was quite mad and very murderous, so there are grizzly recountings of her exploits.  Actually the story is quite poetic and even anti-violence I wasn't offended. It is a tale after all.

The bootie is outstanding with high quality the norm. I decided not to do a rundown of the prizes; the official site will show you those over time and it is fun to unknowingly unwrap your presents. I will say that the top and pants (blood stained on one side), the praying cross necklace (which has a retractable blade a la the storyline), the belt with knife and the gorgeous period chair with some very nice animations are all part of the hunt.

You need to find all the "clues" along the way to get the prizes.  I did that without too much trouble -- the storyline hints are very helpful most of the time. Then, I found myself back at the beginning more or less with no idea what to do. Well explore of course; any good adventure game player knows that. So explore I did -- a lot. I tried to call the group for help but alas group chat was down, at least for me. So back I went for more looking and finally found what I was searching for. When you find it, you DO know *wink* and you get a message about your next task.

This is a great hunt. It is not a "fashion" hunt however; there are only a few wearables in the mix (guy and gal prizes). Grab a friend or go it alone; you can take your time or do it all in a day. Most of all have fun!

Pose by: the chair