It was a dark and stormy night. Mist gathered in the valley.

AD Creations is part of a fashion show event going on now. Drama is of course in evidence with several take-a-second-glance outfits joining the runway on the 21st. This is Renaissance in Black. 

"AVENUE is famous for the development of innovative, and creative concepts, and with this in mind, we present AVENUE Pure, AVENUE Onyx and AVENUE 255 - minimalistic fashion shows with a touch of the avant garde and artistic. Each show will be based upon a single color - AVENUE Pure being white, AVENUE Onyx featuring only black, and ending with AVENUE 255, which will be solely red. "

Audience South >>

Audience East >>

Shows begin at 1 pm. 

Most of the props from this shoot came from Grimm Shores by Incendia Outdoors, an exceptionally well done seasonally spooky sim with a hunt in progress.  There are five skulls to find in all. Receive your first clue at the landing point and go from there. Prizes shown here are the grave at the right, two dead trees -- one with cobwebs, one with fog and skulls -- and the bleeding heart with arrows and dripping blood on my chest. That is not part of the Renaissance dress *wink* but goes quite nicely I think.

If you are looking for a seasonal photo op location, there are many opportunities here.

The grave at left is from a hunt at the Incendia main store earlier in the month. There is a good chance it is available still, so check that out as they go nicely together.

Poses by: Diesel Works, nigotine (nla)

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