Hers and His

~Tableau Vivant~ has a new group gift skin out (archives). The Marilyn Skin works for gals or guys, comes in various options which seem mostly about the eyebrows *wink* which can be heavy or light but all always bushy.  Most of the gifts skins are in this taupe shade, but there is one in a more everyday fair skin tone.  There is currently a small fee to join the group. 

My hat and hair is a new release from Mina Hair. There is a long ponytail draping over my shoulder in back. The hat comes with two huds, one to change the hair color and one to change the hat color. Be assured there are plenty of combos available and tons in the fatpack. The LENTEhat is a new release available ONLY at My Attic starting October 21. You can purchase single hair packs for a very low price.

The new group skin comes with red eyeliner shown here. Adding your own makeup as seen in the top photo (I used KOSH- KENOS EYESHADOW -smog-) will give you a less seasonal look.

Poses by: Diesel Works