Cart Hunting and Pottery

Looking through my inventory I found a landmark entitled, "all about autumn fair and acorn hunt  at Old Europe".  I had no idea where I had picked that up, but I was ready for some time away from my building and blogging pad. It has been BUSY!  So off I went.

I had been to Old Europe in the past and indeed I had tried to hunt in years past, not finding anything.  This year I had much better luck and found 19 acorns, some tiny and tricky and others huge and obvious. Undoubtedly I missed a few. Find them hidden in and on the carts of the Cart Sale going on.

So, you must be wondering why my feature is filled with pottery making photos, eh?  When I was almost finished hunting I spied this sign that said "Free Pottery" along side a cute potter's wheel. It advised you to hop on and make your own pot, taking two minutes and all pots were different.

Well, the sign wasn't exactly accurate but close enough. It is actually a three minute exercise and you can get the same pot. There are however at least 22 as I have one with that number. I sat and potted for awhile and came away with four different vases. You can see many of the available styles in the window.  It was a time reminiscent of my youthful camping days. I had fun.

The pots are very nice and so are the hunt gifts. Actually this is one of the better (and certainly easiest) hunts right now. Shown here are the gifts from Sweet Temptations (jeans with sculpted bottoms and top - belt too big for me :D), Candy Nails (nails of course) and Alice Project (earrings with color change and more HUD).

There are tons of great gifts from names you know and some you don't, but this hunt ends OCTOBER 15th, so get over soon!  Make a vase or two while you are camming the carts *wink*.

Poses by:  potter's wheel and STATUS