I did a lot of exploring yesterday. October is traditionally the busiest month in Second Life and it definitely feels that way this year. So much to see, places to visit, things to explore. There are plenty of sim and store hunts this month; some for clothes, others for homewares.  I visited two great ones yesterday, came away with many lovely items already in place at LEA20, and had a fun time with the finding. So today is report day. First up is Spooksville.

Foggy, shabby and generally -- well "spooky", the build is fun to explore and not terribly big (maybe a quarter of a sim).  Grab a HUD at the entry point to keep track of the skeletal parts you encounter as you wander around the environment and in the buildings. Each part (spine, skull, right hand etc.) gives you a gift. Find them all and receive two bonus prizes. The hunting is easy. Wander and keep your eyes open and you will do fine. There are Gatcha machines to peruse as you venture hither and yon.

There are plenty of very nice gifts. I am showing your my personal favorites. The bridge in the top photo ranks as number one. It is quite lovely and comes with a good collection of really fun animations.  I adjusted some land and  made a place for it down in Peaceful Valley. The bridge is small enough to be used on most lots.

My second very useful for me find is this well-used taxi which is now sitting out in front of a building in the subway set. Great textures.

Lastly and probably more popular with many of you is this mannequin with scarf. The base is very lovely and the textures extremely nice. I added it to the designer's studio at Sound Stage 3.

Journey over and do a little bone hunting. I am betting you can find a few favorites of your own.

My outfit for this photo shoot includes two item from the Boho Culture Fair, the Envyme Indian Orange virus Top and  the BoHo HoBo Mesh Skinny Jeans - Patched. My hair is from MINA Hair @ CINEMA.

Poses by: bridge and Diesel Works