Peaceful Valley

It is a quiet morning in Peaceful Valley. Fall is no longer on its way; it is here. Oranges, browns and rusts are the palette for this month.

I did a good portion of the Falling Leaves Hunt yesterday. There were those sims I couldn't get into, but I still came away with a wonderful selection of Fallesce goodies. The blog site with hints is a big help and my stops went smoothly, especially for a first day. There was one LM and SLURL (I checked both) that seemed to leave me in the middle of a residential sim. I could find no store or sign in sight. That was towards the end if I remember correctly.

I will be working my favorite finds into posts over the next week or so with two stellar outdoor props in the backgrounds for today. This Winds of Fall pose prop from Bag Lady Designs is my personal favorite, partly because it integrated so easily into the Peaceful Valley landscape. The sheep don't seem to be afraid of the scarecrow, so all is well there :D.

The fence includes three poses with adjustments. There is a ground prim which I artfully buried in the natural dirt amidst other grasses. It looks very natural.

This very pretty Harvest Moon Hanky Dress is the gift from FATAL Eclectic Fashions at the Boho Culture Fair about ten days away. I love the print on this. So those of you keeping a list, be sure and note the name!

This is the Falling Leaves Hunt prize from Roawenwood.  The outdoor prop includes four parts so you can use just the cart and bales, just the scarecrow, just the trees etc. Great if you have limited prims.  Poses are included in various spots. This is a no copy item for the most part so picking up an extra gift might be wise. We know things sometimes disappear from our virtual storage.

My outfit is the exclusive Boho Culture Fair release from FATAL Eclectic Fashions. It comes with beautifully textured shrug top (with coordinating built-in broach), mesh skirt, tights and tee.

Poses by: aDORKable and LAP (nla)