Lap Dance Anyone?

I am not an official CINEMA blogger. The list is short and while I would love to get in early on a press pass, I do approve of short blogger lists. We can't have it both ways :D. I  apparently have a lot of folks that I feature taking part. All at once, within a matter of ten minutes, a bounty of CINEMA goods arrived. I can take a hint!  Not everything fit the theme of the shoot of course and the theme was easy to decide once I opened the Peepshow Skybox from Trompe Loeil.

14 by 11 with 33 land impact points makes this affordable for everyone. And WHAT fun!!!!   There is a door that leads from the stage down a couple of steps to another door that leads to the audience chair. I LOVE the style of that audience chair and hope it appears in some household releases soon. Sort of 1940s used leather; gorgeous.  There is a billboard where you can add your own texture should you so choose.

My outfit is just as fun. This Kat hair from MINA HAIR comes with a very nice and easy to use HUD that let's you change the hair to a huge range of colors. There are several dark grays which are difficult to find, so that was a plus for me.  lassitude & ennui has several new releases for the event including this striking medallion, Queen's gambit necklace. It comes in a large assortment of colors and both silver and gold metals. I chose red for obvious color coordination reasons *wink*. 

The stage has a dance pole with four long animations. They are not pole dances, but an unscripted pole is included should you want to add your own dances to this great prop.

Catsuit by Gwen Carillon Designs (not part of the CINEMA new releases)

Poses by: the peepshow stage and chair, and Diesel Works