Careers. We can have real ones in our virtual lives or pretend ones. Either way, this new release from PILOT is a wonderful addition to your home or public office. The Dellinger desk for faMESHed comes in both PG and Adult versions. A large selection of animations (guys, gals, couples) come with the set which weighs in at a mere 4 land impact.

There are six "career" choices to pick from. The rolled working drawing even comes as a treasure map for those modern day pirates and gold doubloon hunters. I picked the fashion drawings and had great fun designing a corner of a new set at MOSP.  While it isn't completed you can see the possibilities.  I had some themed props to add to the room including some mesh clothes which definitely add  realism. I made my own designer wannabe cork board to remind myself how creative I am -- even if I can't sew :D.

My sweater (actually a VERY short dress *wink*) is a new release from PARDISIS. Great detailing, it is lightweight and feminine and perfect for moving into Fall. And there are some cute socks included in the set. Check out all the colors at the NEW shop. 

The drafting set is beautifully detailed and coordinates nicely with other PILOT releases. So if you have four measly "prims" available on your land, get on over to faMESHed and check this out.

Location - Sound Stage 3 (under construction) @ MOSP

Poses by: the stool