October Rusts

I have been unpacking gifts from the Falling Leaves Hunt. A merchant at Cookie Jar was nice enough to get my ban removed and I finished the hunt; much appreciated! There are plenty of great accessory items including the coffee table and abstract bird deco from Zinnias, and the rug, newspaper (so love the little details) and tabletop scarecrow from Kaerri (part of a big pack that includes furniture).

My new pants are one of a zillion colors (well 8 :D), new at K-Code.  I took this close up not because I am so enamored with my derriere, but to show you the detailing. These are lovely.

This really fun bookshelf can be found at Ya's Shop. There is also a very pretty wreath with candle in the Falling Leaves Hunt pack.

My super long Avian Earrings are an exclusive item for the upcoming Boho Culture Fair.

Find them in nine different color combos at the [SWIFT] shop.  These are mod and I made them smaller; statement making for sure!

Just a few more days and the merchants will begin setting up. Not too long to wait now.

Poses by: Vista Animations