Skin and Satin

I have fairly good ESP in RL and while I am not "trendy" (for shame) I am aware of people's likes. I predict that the black satin style of the new Canopy Beds from Trompe Loeil  will be the best selling version at the soon to be open CINEMA. Let me be more precise as I gaze into my crystal ball -- the ADULT version of the black satin and mahogany bed :D.

Who hasn't fantasized about ... well you get the idea. It is lusciously decadent even in the PG version which I have given over a set to at MOSP. Details concerning the CINEMA venue are sparce to non-existent which leads me to believe that is the plan. I am sure we will know more in a few days. Watch the feeds and the official site for more info.

Note:  I took a lot of other great photos of the bed and I but realized that they would not be "legal" on some of the feeds this blog is syndicated on. So you will have to live with just a couple of shots. I assume they will be enough. :D

There are tons of animations for solo and couples and even naughty ones in the adult version. The bed is mod so if you need to tint the fabric to coordinate with your existing decor that is an option.

11 land impact -  11 land impact -  11 land impact -  11 land impact 

I left my fashion portion of this post until the end, but here it is -- a Boho Culture Fair skin release from MIRROR'S ENIGMA. Yesterday I was chatting with a designer explaining that I definitely didn't feature all the goods I received. In my mind, my first responsibility is to you, my readers. After that comes me (OK - maybe there is a tie there) to be true to what I like and what I believe is good value. After five years and 2,700 post I hope you understand that I try to do my best to show you the best. Happily I have some fantastic designers supporting me by sending in their new releases.

Designers depend on press; bloggers depend on goodies to feature and you depend on bloggers to show you the latest and greatest goods. Somewhere in the lengthy conversation I explained that I don't often blog skins and typically stay in one basic skin for several months before I find one I like better. I am not saying that I will be moving on to this  [:ME:] Sally Dark Skintone (Buff). I am saying that it is a very nice skin if it fits you and your style. The quality is there.

The very pretty mahogany table with touch to open drawer as well as the lamp and books are part of the Falling Leaves Hunt prize from Park Place Home Decor. A set of small framed prints as well as a vase of flowers are included in the gift pack.

And with that I bid you a good day.

Poses by: the bed and Vista Animations