You don't see me in wings often. I prefer the understated for the most part. But now and then I journey over into fantasy; it's good to get out of our self-imposed boxes. This new Belladona set from Gwen Carillon Designs comes packed full of options including sleeve puffs, tutu skirt, train, lacy thong, fishnets, earrings --- and the list goes on an on.

There is an interesting notecard included with the set, explaining the release's name and some history behind it. Belladonna also known as Deadly Nightshade is a perennial herb. The foliage and berries are extremely toxic but also medicinal when used correctly.  I knew that :D.

The collection was inspired by the "Ephemera" series by Anne Bishop and by the incredible "Virginia Alone" art installation in Second Life, by Bryn Oh. In every heart there are both shadows and light.

I opted for a minimalist styling showing you my favorite parts --- the corset bustier and wings. The gloves and eye tattoo are part of the set, but I opted for some modest leggings to draw more attention to the stars of my personal outfit.  My necklace is Biensen+MaiTai - Dreaming Klimt; not new but hopefully still in the shop as it is so pretty.

This is Maddie, another new release from Amacci hair. Slightly messy with a touch of retro, it is quite lovely.

Poses by: Diesel Works