Trick or Treat

There is a sim hunt going on at PARADISIS. Find the right pumpkins over the next few weeks and you will have some fun treats including this very nice charcoal themed sweater.

My biggest news for those of you that shop often is that THIS version of the off the shoulder style sloppy sweater really works. There is another model prevalent on the grid that is similar but has some odd arm issues. If you have tried it on, you know what I mean. So don't overlook this hunt because you think you know the style :D.

Standard sizing seems very correct. I am looking forward to seeing more of these sweaters as we move into cooler climes!  There are lots of cute mouthies in the hunt mix for those of you that love those. I picked the plainest of the bunch - wouldn'tchaknow.

From the notecard (my bold). The event lasts until Halloween:  
Each Sunday pieces will change. So be sure to grab the good part in time if you want to have the full outfit. Though each piece could be worn separately.  Inside and outside the store you will find some pumpkins all have the same name but in each patch there is only one containing piece of the outfit or goodies. Of course all you can open them.

Pose by: Vista Animations and the candy bucket