Boho The Venue - First Look

One of my favorite parts of blogging is sometimes getting a behind the scenes look at the venue. I love seeing a theme come to life; I enjoy seeing how the different designers use their prims.  So up early in my starting to get chilly out there corner of the world, I ventured over to a sunny and springlike place, very reminiscent of earlier decades.

The central part of the fair is a small town shopping district. Here are the larger stores -- for this event, not necessarily a mirror of the main shops.

There are festive lights and many billboards. These larger shops have display windows; no vendors allowed windows, so the ambiance of a real life shopping experience takes hold. Happily I found myself outside of the ohsocolorful Envyme shop. Note the vibrance!  And yes, this is an Envyme outfit I am wearing. This is one of the shops to visit if you love bright!  Supersaturated hues abound. It definitely lifts your mood just to enter.

Once you wander outside the village square, the little shops become your focus. Oh wait, there are the Bazar Tents!  5-20 L$ as you see the sign says. Lots of boxes are empty still as folks are setting up, but there are bound to be some good values.

There is plenty of open space in this build, grassy fields to wander and discover new designers and old favorites. It was a little laggy for me this morning (yes, I did have shadows on) with only three people in the sim. So think Fantasy Faire rez times. You know the drill. Dress simply in textures, wear a hairbase (remember when we had to go bald to be "good"?) and fly when you can.

It is easy to lose your sense of direction once you get outside the village square. My advice would be to use the Bazar Tents as your guideposts. Find one, visit or cam the shops around it, go on to the next. When you get back to the first one you will have hopefully completed the whole circle.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that my very pretty new necklace and earrings are one color in a large selection made from beautiful natural stones.  These are  available at the Boho Culture Fair from Bliensen + MaiTa, BUT they are also at the main store NOW!  Easy shopping.

Poses by: Vista Animations