Runway Perfect 3 - Take One

It's a new month and that means a round of new hunts on the horizon. As a shop owner I couldn't find any October hunts that "spoke to me" *wink* so it will be quite at ChiC buildings at least until week three. That being said I was still looking forward to HUNTING. Alas, with a long list of hunts beginning, I could find only one that seemed to be the least bit ready. Follow some of the links and you will see what I mean. 

The obvious choice seemed -- well obvious, and so I started on the Runway Perfect Hunt 3. I didn't spend too much time this evening. Seven stops and two not being ready lead me to believe there was no walkthrough. So I will wait a day or two before continuing. Still, this seems to be the best choice (mostly for gals). I do have one winner to report (and no, I have not opened all the boxes yet :D).

This COMPLETE outfit (including makeup and face tattoo which I am not wearing) is the gift from CGH Fashion. From the photo it looks like there may be a similar set for the guys. This comes with lots of great closet staples including a very nice "show me your thong" and some shoes with prim feet, skin and nail hud. The purse is especially nice and people sized (yeah!) and there are even some oversized hoop earrings. There is a decal on the back of the shirt and on the sleeves that doesn't work for me, so that will most likely be leaving my virtual closet, but you might like it OR you could wear a jacket. The shirt is really quite lovely.

It isn't often that you find a complete set of clothing as a gift - head to toe with tattoos and jewelry et al, so this is definitely worth hunting for. I met lots of gals out looking this eve, so I am not the only one that figured out this was the best show in town *wink*.

I'll be reporting more as I unpack and as the designers get their goodies out.

Poses by: LAP (nla)