Hot Night in the City

I have been adding extras to my "office" at Sound Stage 3, clutter and boxes and such which for me makes things seem much more realistic. The PILOT drafting table comes with couple's poses on the PG version. There are risque ones in the adult choice *wink*. Those are not in my maturity rating.

My plan was to show you both the Fifty Linden Friday table deal from PILOT and this Mesh Burlesque outfit from  SLC which is on special for 60 linden weekend. Other colors are available. The full outfit includes garters and nylons and fishnet gloves. I am a little later than planned with all the techie dra-ma of the day.

And here's the arty shot. No, not "in love"; just a friend that is a good sport thank goodness!

Poses by: furniture and Vista Animations