Runway Perfect 3 - Take Two

It is day two of the Runway Perfect Hunt, both officially and for me. You WILL need the blog guides as there is one incorrect landmark at the moment and apparently some prizes not yet out still. 

My pick of the morn is this lovely style made up of two hunt gifts. The top is actually a dress from SHIKI. The pants are part of a big set of goodies from AlaFolie and they are simply gorgeous. Sized for tall thin gals, I needed to put on my "no tummy" shape to fit into them and you will likely need heels. All that primping is worth it though as your "bum" will never look better. Even if the pants won't work for your shape, there is a cute mesh sweater as well as several texture tops, all very nice. So be sure and stop by.

This really nice pose is part of a prop and pose pack from WetCat on the Runway Perfect 3. There is a darling red carpet prop that I hope to show you soon. I am waiting for a photogenic pairing to appear. There are poses for the fellows too.

Pose by: WetCat