The Resting Place - Quick Start Guide


The Resting Place opened this morning a bit ahead of schedule, perhaps because it was on the top of the list in the Destination Guide Editor's Picks.  I zipped over of course, ready to face the crowds. Happily it was very early for North America, so while I didn't have an empty build all to myself, it wasn't crowded yet. 

Pick up your HUD (needed to play) and your scrubs at the front desk. Just touch the clipboard; it's all free. Then head over to the Patient Ward East (click on the elevator). The patient ward is the hub of your experiences -- at least for the first part of the journey. Look at everything of course; you know the adventure game mantra. Clipboards tell you about the patient in question; clicking on the obvious "key" prop gets you into their dreams.

The dream locales are rich and varied and reflect the particular malady or phobia of the patient in question.

While you journey through their dreams, reading their dream journals and listening to the clues given (keep that chat window open to reread as necessary), keep your eyes out for gifts.

There seem to be are only two prize objects (at least in the first part of the game) -- a med kit and a hypo needle.  Buy the objects for $0 and get the goodies (more on prizes below).

Now, I've been playing adventure games for a couple of decades, but I am not the best at it. It took me some time to figure out that each patient/bed/dream has its own endgame -- finding the talisman.

When you find the appropriate spinning disk (don't worry; you'll know), you are transported back to the ward to start on a new journey. Your HUD is also marked so that you know which you have found.

If you are stuck in a particular dream you can return to the ward by clicking the "wake up" button on the HUD (or of course using your back button in the viewer if you have one).

So far, this is one of the best of the Halloween adventures at Pulse (five sims in all). There are plenty of mazes to traverse but not too many mysteries to solve as of yet (not so good at that, I am).  I'll be heading back soon to find more talismans.

There are plenty of very nice prizes this year; I haven't opened all my finds yet. One beauty is the dress from Blue Blood.

This bloody skirt and skully top are two of the prizes from Sakide. The vampire skin hales from FIERCE DESIGNS and the pose and knife (part of a set) from HopScotch. I am also wearing the dramatic eye tattoo from [Gauze] .

Addendum:  5 hours; no cheating; tons of fun; lots and lots and LOTS of goodies. Don't miss it!

Poses by: HopScotch, LAP (nla)