Runway Perfect 3 - Take Three

If you stop by fairly often you know I am covering the Runway Perfect 3 hunt. You also know you will need the blog page for a variety of reasons *wink*.   I told you I would show you the red carpet runway prop from Wetcat, and here it is. Lots of fun!

This complete outfit -- worthy of runway status -- hales from  Fatal Eclectic Fashions. Lots of sizes to choose from and varieties of alpha layers help with the fitting. Jewelry comes with the set.

And then there are the short and stylish boots!

The leggings are a good closet staple too. A wide belt with several buckles is included but didn't fit me well.

There is a big gift pack for guys also with a nice blue blazer (optional shirt), plaid pants, scarf and shoes.

Poses by: Wetcat