The Softer Side of Boho

There was a time when peace was the goal for most of a generation. I am sure there are still plenty of folks that would (and do) support peaceful agendas.  For more than a decade there were computer and console adventure games that let people explore and solve problems. A short look at the games today reveals the planet's obsession with killing. So it was truly a breath of fresh air to unpack the Peace Bears from Demented DreamWorx for the Boho Culture Fair.

The Peace Bears come in three shades with this being the pastel (pale) version. You can choose from backpack style or holding style with two versions of holds.  The backpack version is sized for average avatars, but while clicking the cutie elicits a short squeak, there doesn't seem to be a resize option. So hopefully a demo will be available.  It's difficult not to fall in love with these guys. Later Note: the resizer issue has apparently been fixed :D.

My feminine patterned cardigan is a Boho Culture Fair creation from Retro'; the beige and white jeans are another color of Rebecca from K-Code (see one of yesterday's posts).

I am really liking these Suvi Wedge Sandals from CandyMetal. They come in a huge variety of colors to match your other Boho Culture Fair purchases. Look for them in about a week!

Poses by: aDORKable, the bear and Torrid Midnight (nla)