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FTLO - Oct 2011 : A Home of Your Own

I just completed -- in my fashion -- the For The Love Of Hunt . Out on the icy landscape, this hunt takes place all on one sim. You are looking for tiny little bats which although small stand out clearly on the whiteness of the snow.  The hunting is fun and easy and there are lots of great prizes -- at least 38 or so according to my numbers. I didn't find all the bats, but I can say that it definitely a worthwhile hunt -- ESPECIALLY if you are interested in a new abode.

Up first because it is my personal fav is this *Funky*Junk* Caretaker's Cottage. It is so cute and just my size. Honestly? I am thinking of changing out my Bayou housing for a bit -- OR I might look for a small place in Winterfell as snow season is upon us. Two floors, wonderfully textured; simply fantastic AND spooky :D.

If you are more into whimsy, then this -Hanaya- bOo BoO Pumpkin House is for you! Very cozy, it comes complete with rug, curtains and lounging pillow as interior decor.

If you are really into the spooky side of the season, this furnished Scary Lil Skybox (much more than what you see here) from Designer Prims  is for you.

Into the seedier side of life? Then the Rather Gross Skybox from [Sleeping Koala] is perfect. Bed, rug and grungy couch all come with.

Go forth and find those little bats. You'll be glad you did.

My outfit info is in this post.


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