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Seasons Hunt 5 - 2

I finished the Seasons Hunt 5 this afternoon. As you might expect, lots of great shops to wander in and discover.  There were a few stores that I skipped (see photo below) and some that try as I might, I could not find the pumpkin. But, even if you only stop by a few spots, your inventory will be better for it. Among my personal favs is this vest from !Ohmai, one of three colors (oh my! :D).  They come in both chest and spine attachments for those of you on older viewers. My hair which is actually more vintage than Indian maiden *wink* is from (Milk Motion) and comes in several colors.

One of the fun parts of a good hunt is finding new stores. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the search as there were so many creative designs to discover. One new place for me was Umwelt which I immediately noted for its quirkiness.  I even picked up a free decal there that I am guessing may make it into a film one of these days. This skybox (I didn't measure but I think it is about 20 x 20 judging from how it fit on my building pad) has a 360 degree painting for the walls. It is very much like living INSIDE a work of art and that is pretty fun. This is a NO COPY item, so pick up two while you are there. I will be going back for my backup copy soon.

And while this bed from Art Dummy doesn't fit with my new Victorian decor, I really love it. Simple and beautifully textured, it comes with both sit and sleep animations.  My moccasins, which many bloggers have featured are from Willow; they go perfectly with the Aztec inspired jeans set from eleanor rigby. BRB.accessorises is the maker of the armband. There are several differently textured versions.

Now I am not going to rant, but I am going to show a photo of the top winning "too many decoys" prize for this hunt. Please note this is just ONE direction and there was also a field of pumpkins under the floor when I cammed down there. I skipped this stop. May the die-hards enjoy the journey.

Find all the SLURLs at the official website.

More coming up tomorrow.

Poses by: the bed,  !bang


SpaceCase said…
Thanks for blogging som good stuff!

And yeah, the hundred hunt items rezzed in a shop bugs me too.

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