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Harry Potter 2 Hunt - Part 2

I finished the Harry Potter 2 hunt and had a great time. This is a "kids" hunt, but not all prizes are necessarily for the smaller of stature. Some in fact like four pair of very nice men's boots from Duh! will only fit adult guys (gals can opt for Maryjanes). The adult outfit in my lead photo hales from Simply and comes with a variety of choices within the set, giving you different looks along the same theme. The mask is included. The hunt is very creative, includes several versions of school wear outfits should you been into Harry Potter role play, and indeed features a lot of nice prizes.

See part 1 here

There are often many hunts going on in a store and even when we are not actually LOOKING for another hunt prize, we happily find them. Here I mixed one of several versions of a seasonal outfit from Felicia's Fashions (PPH which I believe is Pumpkin Pawprint) with more of the Harry goods. My very pretty bright scarf is from hanamachi and a fun and might I say fairly sedate wizard's hat from SOKEN KIDS GALAXY.

I love backpacks; they are often so creative. This one from Boof doesn't disappoint. So very many details; I adore it. The very nice landscape prop in the background is part of the prize from Evaki. Weighing in at a mere 48 prims complete with fog, spell books and candles, it is a great backdrop for the spooky and magical times of October.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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