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Urban Males

I went out perusing animations the other morning. I am more interested in movement these days now that I am filming. I didn't find what I was looking for, but in that serendipitous way that happens often in our lives,  I did find something great that I was NOT looking for.

You may remember Chav, the male version of Chic. Chav now has a new AO, similar to the Most Wanted AO that I purchased for myself from Vista Animations. Now the animations are VERY different of course -- and definitely male.

While you can't get the full effect of the movement from a photo I wanted to at least show you some still.  The sits are some of my favorites with ground sits coming up close behind. Lots of clever guy attitude thumping and scratching and such.

The walks have a real weight feel to them which is impressive. There are tons of options of course and now that I understand how the many-buttoned AO works, it is easy to switch between modes.

There are dances including a chimera, a super fly extra attachment and lots of options I am sure I haven't discovered yet.

Several conversational animations are included for use when typing -- some relaxed, some more adamant. Those will definitely come in handy.

So if you are a fellow, or HAVE a fellow, check out the new breathing version of The Urban Male AO from Vista Animations.

Poses by: Vista Animations Urban Male Breathing AO


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