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The Music Room

For the five of my readers that are interested in my machinima *chuckle*, there is a new video just up at YouTube, called The Music Room.  The main character (that's me of course) is garbed in FrankenFae project items from last year including skin and eyes from Skinthesis and dress from Evie's Closet. Her ballet shoes hale from Rose River Saloon and hair from Eshi Otawara.

This was my most complex and ambitious video to date as I made the set and most of the props. The violins and harmonica are from Satoko Instruments.  Happily I had enough old time friends still around that watched the lucky chairs years ago. Now, there are four lucky boards with guitars and drums -- just in case you need some fun props.

Special thanks to the posemakers that made this shoot possible. While I could have gone out and purchased a ballerina AO, I decided to stick with my "found art" principal and used static poses for the most part. Old and memorable poses, they were easy to find in my inventory. Thanks to LAP, Diesel Works, BehaviorBody, Animah and my old shop, PhotoGraphique. My Vista Animations Sweet Chica AO was perfect for this!


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