Costume Time

Time for picking out your Trick or Treat costume is drawing near.  And even if you aren't partaking in holiday events, its a great week to spice up your wardrobe with things other than "day wear" :D.  First up  deviousMind's  "Honeytrap". Buzz like a little bee with a huge selection of parts and pieces -- looks like about fifty without counting. You can be bare or less so and as frilly as you like. I love these gloves!

If a walk on the wild side is more your style,  how about some crime scene investigation.  This is only part of a large, neko themed (read tail and ears and such included as well as shoes) set from Beautiful Dirty Rich. So clever!  The set as designed as a micro mini with tiny skirt prim, but I tucked my tape swathed body into some Paradisis low riding pants.

Poses by: STaTUS, Vista Animations