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Seasons Hunt 5

It was the weekend and that about says it all. Lots of gray and slow rezzing sculpties et al. I "did" the middle of the Seasons Hunt today and here are some of my personal favs. There are plenty of nice prizes, but somehow this Fall season didn't seem to resonate with my style. And I had a difficult time finding things. Quite a few stores had fifty pumpkins (well it may have just seemed like fifty) -- including some VERY well hidden -- that were not the CORRECT pumpkins. That's get tiresome for me and so I move on.

Of my finds, these are my favorites so far:

RAW HOUSE :: Raquella wedge cut hair with a streak you can change to your favorite color.
Ingenue :: Bijou Dress  which I tucked into ---
[MAGIC NOOK] Indian Summer Leggings (Vivid) -- accessorized with
CONCRETE FLOWERS- acorn necklace

Poses by: Vista Animations


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