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Meta_Body Project I SEE INSIDE YOU

This morning I tried on the avatars that I had chosen from among the bounty of the Meta_Body Project.  The costumes were wild and beautiful and sometimes beautifully wild!  While I will be keeping many for future projects I chose this set for my photo and machinima.

I was very much in love with the Fog lady's skin and hair and FOG (oh my) but this skin and headdress made more of a statement and blended well for the backdrop I had planned. So "I see your insides" it will be. The shape comes with the set and while I normally wear my own shape, I decided that keeping this one was more true to the project. The eyeballs on tentacles are flexi and rotate and roam easily. There is a spine with short eyeballs in the back.

I did more post processing with this photo than I normally do. It may end up in world in the art show after all. Remember, if you do this project you need to take BIG photos. I am uploading both this smaller version and the humongous one to Flickr but only adding the low res to the group with a link to the high rez version. Seems like a good plan to me. Most folks don't want to wait for a mulitple meg file to download. I labeled the photo Moderate for Flickr and my video will be also. I added pasties (tiny ones), but there is still that slightly naked bottom that might offend some folks :D. Don't want people complaining again and freezing my Flickr stream.

I am calling this my WENGE color post for the week. I had several actually that would qualify as wenge (in Google anyway) appears to be most any shade of brown. It is a morph queen! I try to do something dramatic for the 52 Color post each week, and this definitely qualifies.

NOTE: Amazingly I finished this in a day. See it here

Pose by: EverGlow (new)


Ilyssa Fhang said…
I *LOVE* this Avatar!
Nicandra Laval said…
Wow super picture... beatiful dramatic.. i admire your skills with photo's and video..bye bye Nic
Rudhmellowen said…
Just WOW this is fantastic... Love the look!!!
Unknown said…
That is a very cool project, I will need to check it out. You look amazing, great shot!
Anonymous said…
What a great avi!

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