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The State of the Feeds

OK. I admit that I am tired of TV and have some time to spend before I can in all good conscience head for my oh so comfy daybed. I am mostly about photos these days. I seldom actually READ the text accompanying those looks of the day. Lovely photos, pretty Windlight, light and shadow -- you get the idea. But, for whatever reason, tonight I decided to peruse the feeds that this blog is was -- in theory -- a part of. I admit that I read them very rarely. I look at a couple most days and that is it.

Tonight I found iheartsl still up and showing nice photos. Sometimes those photos span across the text as people don't pay attention to the rules, but still -- pretty pictures. TWO of the feeds that I was supposedly featured in were no more. One was a domain mill and one had apparently been bought out by a well known blog (not a feed). So I deleted those right away -- sidebar getting shorter. Others seem to have changed dramatically of late. Pictures are gone on some. Styles have changed; blogs aren't listed, etc.

Now I am not all that upset as a CONTRIBUTOR to the feeds, I am upset as a reader. It is getting harder and harder to find the news I want to see *wink*. I still read iheartsl most days but there have been issues of posts not feeding in there for some time, so I know I am missing stuff. NO, I am so not going to start another feed, but I am wondering what we are to do to get the news. I, like you perhaps, will find out bits and pieces from groups and designers and those few folks that send me "think you'd want to know about this" notecards. It is not the same.

So, dear blogger buddies, check out your sidebar and see what feeds you thought you were in that no longer exist. And anyone looking for a new adventure? We could use a nice new feed with pretty pictures that picks up all the posts. That might be asking too much. I know not the technicalities of the situation. Still, there is a hole that could be filled :D.


Anonymous said…
I think Gogo has done an amazing job to keep iheartsl feed going for so long, when you consider those that have come and gone in the same period of time.
I'm not sure if another feed is the solution though - I think all feeds undergo technical glitches at times where posts do not feed in.

I'm hesitant in making another feed as I do not want to take away from iheartsl in any way, however it does seem to me that many of the posts there are repetitious, covering my entire screen with oversized photos and showcasing styles that I have no interest in, so I just skim through on most days. It also seems to have become a little pornified over the past year or so as well - by this I mean that I could not look at the feed on most days with a child standing next to me. This is a shame to me as once upon a time I avidly read it.

I don't know what the solution is - perhaps someone with technical expertise could offer some ideas? I'm all ears :)
Anonymous said…
Theres a new feed called - its pretty new but growing.

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