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Adventures in Mulberry - The Flesh Game

I ventured out this eve with the intent on taking my "mulberry" photo for this upcoming week of 52 colors. Week 50, oh my!   My plan was to check the destination guide for a new locale. I found a photo of a lovely vintage carousel that lead to The Flesh Game.  Even before I arrived, I had figured out this was Ivey's Halloween adventure. Put the sim Pulse together with October and you know you are in for fun.

In years past I have had a heads up and an early entry pass into the event and have given you a sneak peak at what you might find, but I seem to have fallen out of favor *wink* and so you will have to be content with a LM. The venue opened today and it is both crowded and laggy; that is to be expected. I did pretty well, but I have a very fast connection and a smoking computer. So expect things to be slow these first days.

Pick up your hud at the front desk. You will receive a hud that looks like a cell phone, two notecards and a contestant strap necklace with a number 7.  Then  look around for goodies and wander through the lobby to the door (or perhaps elevator as it was still gray when I clicked) and get the LM to the next stop on your tour. Now I find nothing in the notecard that tells you to get naked (no, I am not kidding) but I did run into two gals with nothing on but their contestant badge and hair. Perhaps they were working on keeping the lag down *wink* OR it may be part of the storyline -- who knows?

Prizes are sprinkled throughout the journey as they have been in the last few years. So click on anything that looks like it might be a prize. I found one item when I was trying to take photos within the adventure. The pics didn't work out well, but I do have a sense of the plot and it looks like a fun one.

If you love lag and being first, go now. If not, then waiting a week for things to calm down will no doubt give you a happier and more gentle experience.

My outfit is made up of some recent gifts. Pants and belt from sf design and great boots from INDYRA ORIGINALS I matched them with a crocheted shrug from Paradisis and I was set. Hat and hair and earrings from deep inside my closet and no longer available. You can still pick ups pants and boots in various colors though.

My backdrop is from on the Fright Hunt.

Poses by: Vista Animations


Aw what a cool look!
I haven't been there yet.. Everyone tells me to go!
Unknown said…
Never heard of this event but it looks like i may need to check it out. You look fantastic, I love thos pants.
Nicandra Laval said…
thanks for telling about this event.. i sure will wait and go on a quiet moment.. bye bye Nic

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