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Happy Birthday

I am over at the STaTUS pose shop, an establishment celebrating one year. And in the SL tradition (thank goodness this isn't a RL thing) YOU can pick up a very  VERY nice five piece Hairy Birthday pose pack of stands -- designed for long hair; a gift. The last of the poses is a cutie for sure and includes a cupcake for celebrating. Hurry, this is a short time offer.

I was impressed with these poses and ventured over to the shop. It is filled with great values! So especially if you are a new blogger or photographer or designer in need of some nice classic poses to show off your wears, take a look around and play awhile on those pose stands!

Other news in my nicely lit photo (thank goodness that awful morning is over) includes my favorite piece of the Fright Hunt, an Egyptian Bracelet from Sin & Virtue. The necklace, also in the Fright Hunt is from Glamour Designs

My pastel sweater is one of two colors in all layers from COOL BEANS (On The Hunt).

Poses by: STaTUS


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