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Weekend Newness

There is newness afoot this weekend and here is a quick post to highlight some goodness.  The adult MESH bed behind me is now available at MaDmAX Design.  If you have followed my ramblings over the years, you know I am a single gal and don't do relationships or sex. BUT, I am assuming that some of you DO! *wink*. So while I am more of the daybed for wallflowers type gal, this might be just what you need. The thing I liked most about the set up was not the 312 animation options; it was the extra item rezzer. You can have champagne and roses, tea light candles -- both shown here -- or opt for a cool gramophone or some bondage gear. I read through the literature and watched the additional items closely and I am not sure if these optional props are temp rez or permanent  rez. (note: designer answered in comments.)   So if that is important to you, be sure and contact the designer who I am assured will happily answer your questions.

My outfit is all new and includes top and tights from *elymode*. There are other items and color combination in the Evolu release including a mesh mini skirt, bikini panties and socks. Many items come in both solid colors or trimmed. So my top for example comes in these two colors or just the blue.

This distinctive messy "beach hair" is available at Pomme d Amour Hair Salon. Now, as you might expect the pony tail does move through your shoulder as you move. Still, it might be just the look you need for your fashion shot! The bow is not color change, but it is tintable so it could vary color easily in darker tones.

My new necklace is one of four seasonal variations (I chose Spring to coordinate with my outfit) from CONCRETE FLOWERS

As an aside, I am over at one of the two new homestead sims at New Toulouse. We now have what will soon become Lake Ponchartrain. Lots of water for boating!

Poses by: EverGlow


Marlen Slazar said…
Hello Chic,

thank you very much for blogging the Meshbed Bonair from MadmAX Desgin :)
You've asked about the rezzig items - its not temprezzing, its a real rezzing. But you can rez and derezz like you want!

Thanks again - wish you a sunny Day!
Marlen Slazar
MaD mAX Design

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