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Penultima Cream

This next to the last week of our color challenge was a very simple one for me. My outfit is from Deviance
and was first shown in this post. Oh my, a year and a half ago. The design is still very much in style and my photography skills have improved greatly since then. So, I am happy to show it off once again. My location is one of of the dreamscape environments at Garden Of Dreams.

Poses by: nigotine (NLA)


Nicandra Laval said…
oh Chic you realy looking hot and burning in cream.. you made cream very warm.. bye bye Nic
Anonymous said…
Wow! Talk about alluring! Especially the contrast of that light color against your olive skin. So dramatic.
Unknown said…
I definitely feel like this challenge has helped my photography, though yours is far superior. This is a great shot and oh so very sexy.
Anonymous said…
You make a sexy sorceress in that cream outfit!

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