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I logged in this eve to find a subscribo gift from MIEL. I am sure I miss a lot of them since the group has to be humongous and we know how well the delivery is with large groups -- in world or subscribo. Still I was very happy to find the goodies had arrived safely. I zipped over to Octoberville, a place I hadn't visited in a couple of years, to see what was up. I was sure the colors would be appropriate and indeed they were.

The pumpkin backpack comes with a choice of animated faces or plain. I had to take these photos VERY quickly as I was way over the script count for Octoberville and an admonishing message kept repeating. Still, you can see how cute the gift is. Drop by the subscribo and get your own copy.

My hair is from *Plume* on The Season Hunt.

Poses by: Vista Animations, LAP


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