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The Lenore set, from deviousMind has had a face lift -- or at least lots of additions. If you have previously purchased Lenore, then checking your auto-update feature would be a good thing *wink*. Meanwhile for those not familiar with the lady (who also has a white version you may see in an upcoming post) she is a dangerous vixen. The knife comes with the set as does a variety of bloody additions.

I remember Lenore, but either my memory is faulty or she never looked quite this good. Chandra, who I know fairly well after a couple of years of early morning chatting (we are nine hours apart in real world terms) never seems to do anything halfway. This set -- and honestly I did NOT open all the boxes and check ALL the options -- has to include about a hundred pieces. Well, maybe not quite that many, but trust me your inventory figures will jump. This is a good thing really. So many choices. Different sleeve versions, pasties instead of a more demure see through bodice -- every layer you can think of and perhaps every option. It didn't take me long to find a look I loved. I assume I could have found a few dozen more should I have had the time an inclination to explore the long list of layers - LOL. That is Chandra. 

Hence, value is not in question.

I think this is one of my favorite sets although white might win out when I get around to opening it. I love the bustle and all the frills and the knife is a nice prop this time of year.  I am over at the Haunted Manor which I found courtesy of this blog post a few days ago.  I haven't explored that much, but if you are looking for a photogenic spooky spot, this fits the bill.

Poses by: EverGlow (new) and Vista Animations


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