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Not Only Nude

BehaviorBody has some new props and poses out. Single, double and group poses abound as well as a new chaise (a version with fewer poses is rumored to be in the subscribo as a gift) and pillows!

I particularly like the pillows which could be used with the chaise or on the floor next to it. But these low prim lovelies can easily do double duty in other rooms. Poses change by menu and mirror versions are included. My lead photo is actually a standing pose along side a flatter pillow. Pillows and chaise are color change by hud.

Now this is billed as a "nudes" set and it would certainly work well that way, but clothes look just fine. If you missed the info on this outfit you can find it here.

Other newness includes a collaboration collection that you simply must see.  Cherie Parker took some very clever photos that are used for the vendors. AND there is a free couple pose in the middle of the floor. Just buy for $0.

Poses by: BehaviorBody


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