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Moving On Up

And a fun time was had by all -- well at least me.  I decided to update my living situation. After five months in the Bayou in the same shack that I built before moving in, change was on the agenda. I really loved the little caretaker cottage (see last night's post) on the FTLO hunt. It was mod so I deleted the ghostly walking in the attic and placed my tub up there by a window where I can peer out. I thought I would just move over all my furniture and call it good. Well you KNOW that didn't turn out to be true.

There are a lot of windows in the cottage and while I love my spot, I don't want to look out at my neighbors all the time. So I added some curtains from noctis. Then I decided to take the short walk over to the main store (and yes, I actually did walk). As I was looking around the shop I discovered the Zombie Popcorn bag -- out a little early.  Shouts of glee could be heard when I unpacked this dining table and chairs. It comes with the candelabra (light one candle at a time) as well as some other props. It is mod, so I darkened the wood to go with my other noctis furnishing. Later I found that the tablecloth is texture change and you have a choice of with or without blood *wink*.

My Victorian pastry server is from (-ATYPICAL-) -- a past hunt item. When I originally unpacked it I loved it, but had know idea when I would use it. Well the time is now. It weighs in at 39 prims but I am fairly wealthy these days, so that works. Other sweet desserts were added to the table. Did you know it is National Dessert day and that October is National Dessert month?  Neither did I, but my friend EE's typists reported that this morning *wink*. My decorating is appropriate.

As I worked on my new surroundings in the early morning hours I noted that this house took up much less space than my old one which had lots of decks. The sheep had plenty of room to graze, but it was a little desolate. Since most all my trees disappeared in my database inventory loss episode, I decided to go out searching. My neighbor had some great looking mangrove bushes; I looked up the creator and headed over.

3D Trees has some really lovely items -- ones you don't see everywhere else. I strolled and thought and measured against my height to find the right tree for my spot. I purchased some bushes along the way to fill in against the house. As I was wandering I found a white sign floating in the air that said "gift". Well, of course I bought it - LOL. It turned out to be this gorgeous tree behind me.  15 meters and 10 prims, the hawthorn tree is now happily shading the sheep in my side yard. A sister tree is nearby in the back. Most items at the store come in modify and no mod versions with the mod versions being more expensive. I thought the prices were extremely reasonable. I have smart neighbors!

My vintage inspired fur trimmed jacket is from Ibizarre.  It is marked as a Lazy Sunday special, but if you are lucky it may still be available.  I also wanted to mention that there is a large, two story skybox from *Funky*Junk*, maker of my new cottage, in The Flesh Game.  I didn't discover it when I was unpacking as it ended up in my Objects folder rather than with the others. There are several boxes to find in order to get the complete build. I found three including the skybox and all are well worth looking for. I have the fireplace in my new home. Since the textures used are the same, it matches very well!

If you love my drippy mascara, you can find it at the FTLO hunt;  [sYs] DEMON - mascara.  Wrapping it up and taking a break. Eventually I MUST clean up my very messy inventory from the last day. Oh my!

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Peep Sideshow said…
Oh, I love your boots! Where are they from?
*squee* love your house! I wish I was as prim-wealthy as you :P
Chic Aeon said…
Boots are a very old group gift from Maitreya. Maitreya SoHo Boots 'PatentMix Black' to be exact. May still be available though!
Nicandra Laval said…
wow you realy have a super home in sl... i like the first picture from the inside.. and the picture from the outside... you are a builder who makes beauty... bye bye the way love the jacket too ;)
Peep Sideshow said…
Thank you! Maitreya footwear is pricey, but worth it. Guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go shopping :D

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