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The Homey Kitchen

Concrete Flowers has a new store in a new sim and lots of down home goodness including a bunch of new cooking oriented goodies.

There is a complete kitchen including a mesh fridge (not shown).  And I have to chuckle here as I see the pie crust is SO light and flaky that the cherries can't contain themselves and both pie and board are levitating.

The bests parts for me are the little details. So nicely done. It is simple to add little touches to your kitchen or dining area.

The dinnerware is so pretty and REAL looking!   It is those little touches that make our houses homes. And now I am going back to my shack and incorporate a bit of this goodness into my Home Sweet Home. Jam and lemons and cherry pie; oh the goodness of Fall cooking.

Poses by: LAP, BehaviorBody


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