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Second Life Meta Body Project

For those that love creativity, have I got news for you!   It includes costumes, showing off your shots and freeness -- some things that I know many of you embrace.  It is the Meta-Body Project currently taking place. You have until October 20th to vie for your tiny bit of fame.   Before I go any further,  a big "Thank You" is heading out to wise Sandalwood for her recent and inspiring blog post. Without her post, I would have never known and then YOU might have never known -- and where would we be?

The field of FREE and FULL PERM avatars that you can use in your photos is here:

I grabbed a handful  and will think on theme and such. Currently my schedule has at least a few more days of filming for The Music Room and then I can start on this new project. There are no machinima in the group pool yet, but I am going to put an announcement on the machinima forum so I am guessing that there will be *wink*. Still photos are of course welcome! Read the discussions to find out the particulars including taking the photos LARGE.

The Flickr group is here:

The All My Independent Women blog is here.

See last night's post for my outfit which of course has nothing to do with the Meta_Body Project.

Go forth. Make some art and I'll see your photos in the group pool or on the feeds.


wise Sandalwood said…
:) Mwuahs from wise :)

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