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Harry Potter 2 Hunt - Part 3

Wrapping up the Harry Potter 2 Hunt, I want to say that I am amazed how many things I found to feature in a hunt with only 50 retailers. This for adults, not kids. A good hunt all in all. I didn't get to all the stops. A few stores were too big for my liking. Spending half an hour searching doesn't work when your main goal is to blog. MANY of the shops, however, were small and a great number of those had prize vendors that were very obvious -- on a wall, up in a corner of the ceiling etc. So gold stars there from me, the hunter.

The outfit above mixes Steamy attire and the magical aspect. It is the unisex Steampunk robe from Lewellen's Fine Tailoring and include a blouse not shown and the great hat.  The fitting Tesla like animated and interactive fortune telling crystal ball is from Mad Pea.  The symbol prop in the background is your prize vendor (smaller of course) and is part of a gift along with pose balls from Vicarious Vitae at your starting point. The wand -- well every wizard needs a wand! - is from Dark Vision.

 The necklace is from Designs by Sebastian and the sparkle tattoo from Eye Candi Skin .

This RESIZABLE and /1a pose adjusting Harry Potter bike comes from Darkfold Designs Bike & Neko Store. I am so impressed that you can make it the right size for your avatar!   There are plenty of other worthy prizes / gifts not shown here including some very nice castle textures (my favorite are the bricks) from Sick Bubblegum Textures.  Honestly, I am keeping more things than I am showing you in posts and that is pretty much the opposite of how it normally happens *wink*. So if any of these imaginative items need to be in your inventory, get on the hunt.

Post number 1 is here.
Post number 2 is here.

The poses in this post are from the new releases at Everglow. I am sure you will be seeing more of them soon.

Poses by: Everglow (new) !


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